One Direction Preferences
  • Liam: *CRASH BOOM BANG* The thunder and lightening calls out, every strike shaking the house. “Well this is nice” you giggle to your best friend on the living room couch. She was coming to visit from back home, so you sweet talked Liam into letting her stay with you. “At least your not afraid of storms” she chatters through clenched teeth, gripping the arm of the couch in fear. You grab her a few blankets of the foot rest and try to calm her down. “Hey now, it's not that bad” you rub her back try to sooth out the fear trembling through her body. “We have strong men to protects us” you joke as they return from their quick visit to the store. “We go food ladies” Andy says strolling in with Liam, soaked from the down pour outside. “It's a rowdy one out there” Liam chimes in, dragging the umbrellas behind him that had broken from the strong winds. “I'll get you two some dry clothes” you offer while the boys set up the food. You rummage through Liam's closet picking out the comfiest things for the two of them. You hear the thunder cackling through out the house, and see your best friend practically jump out of her skin. “Love, it's okay” Andy says handing [Y/B/N] her food and sitting down trying to comfort her. You all begin to eat and snuggle up on the couch, the a strike of lightening lashes out and the house goes black. “OH MY GOD!” she screams out slightly sobbing. “It's okay, just sit tight” Liam says reassuringly. You sat calmly, but slightly set off by the small noises you always picked up on when the house was dark. Everyone had gotten mixed up when the lights went out and you had no idea who you were with. “Li” you called out patting around to find a figure matching the voice. Your hands landed on someones knee and you just assumed that Li was who you found. “[Y/N] are you okay?” Liam asks as you cozy up to the figure. “Yeah, you?” you ask while squeezing his hand as you sit on his lap. The room lights up with every lightening bolt but it's no use, the power will be out for a while so you figure you'd cuddle up. “It's actually relaxing” Andy says, when you come to the sudden realization he's the one you'd cozied up to. Liam flashes his phone around the room and you all realize the mix up. You stand up quickly and give him an apologetic look he can barely see as you go to find the real Liam. “Everyone looks the same in the dark” you all giggle and settle down on the couch, comforting your friend for the rest of the storm.
  • Louis: “Sassmaster 3000 over here” you say pointing your red solo cup in Louis direction. “Bitch, I'm fabulous” he jokes doing the famous drunk point back at you. “Hey you two, come here” Stan calls out over the many conversations that flood the rooms atmosphere. Stan had invited the two of you to a little get together back in Doncaster, and Lou thought it was the perfect opportunity to introduce you to everyone. “Stan my man, whats the plan” you slur out poking his chest with each rhyme you cleverly muster up. “These are our old friends from school” Stan smiles at Lou, who's squinting trying to remember the faces. “Jessica and Gavin! Look at you two” Lou grabs them for a quick hug. “This is my girlfriend [Y/N]” he says as they look you over, almost as if inspecting you to make sure your good enough for Louis. “It's a pleasure to meet you” you offer out your hand, and to your surprise they pull you into welcoming hug. “Any friend of Lou's is a friend of ours” Jessica jokes punching Lou's shoulder. After all the introductions, it was time to party. “Lou, show me how to boogie” you drag him into the middle of the circle as you attempt to disco. You earn some laughs, while Jessica and a few other girls join in keeping the crowd entertained. “She's a keeper” Stan winks nudging Lou's ribs with his elbow, Lou's cheeks redden at the compliment. The lights flash out as you and Lou get hot and heavy on the dance floor, out of the corner of your eye you see Stan and Jessica have hit it off. “Look at them go” you smile into Lou's ears as you two dance away. The musics blaring when the flashing lights and noise come to a stop. The room is pitch black as the room roars with the guests confusion. “Stay calm” Stan calls out to the room. “We probably blew a fuse” Lou suggests as the three of you trail through the house. You reach out and grab a hand as you journey to find the power box. “It's kinda scary in here” your voice echos while a pair of strong hands wrap you into their chest. You lean up and kiss his cheek, but feel no stubble. “Stan?” you question slightly pulling out of his embrace. “[Y/N]? Oh my I thought you were Jessica” you both laugh as the lights come back on. “Alcohol and black outs don't mix” Lou chuckles while pulling you back into his arms and leads you back to the party that's back up and running.
  • Zayn: “Work it girl” Danny says from behind the camera. Your family hadn't seen you in so long, so they asked for some more recent photos of you, and Zayn's close friend Danny just happened to be a photographer. “How about some couple photo's?” Zayn says walking through the doors of the studio. “Zaynie!” you run to him hugging so tightly he starts weazing. “Sorry, I'm just happy your here” you say as you saunter back to where Danny was working his magic. “Hows she doing Danny?” Zayn questions pulling him in to a tiny hug, the ones every boy does with their close guy friends. “Take a look” he say's scrolling through the photos you'd been taking for the past hour and a half. “Stunning like always” Zayn says walking over to kiss you. “Danny come get a photo with us!” you call out while giving Zayn some loving. He puts it on self timer and rushes over “Alright here we go.” You pose together as the camera flashes and laughter erupts as you look down. Some how Zayn ended up hooked around your leg on the floor. “Priceless” Danny says angling the camera at you two capturing memories with the push of a button. “One last one for [Y/N]” Zayn says smiling behind Danny. Just before Danny snaps the photo Zayn makes a face and you can't help but blush and laugh. “That's gorgeous” Danny and Zayn admire the last photo you'd taken. “Let's take a look shall we?” you walk over to the boys to see what you'd accomplished. The lights suddenly flicker and then flash out, leaving you all in the darkness. You continue to try to find Zayn and Danny but you stumble over a cord and drop to the floor. With a thud, you can't help but laugh at yourself and you hear the other boys chuckle as well. You just lay there, knowing that trying to move would be no use. “You okay babe?” Zayn calls out as you hear the shuffle of footsteps all around you. You suddenly feel a body fall on you as you both chuckle out in pain. “So clumsy” you say while pulling closer, your bodies barely an finger width apart. You feel around slowly and press your heads together, lips inching closer when the lights come back on. You look up to see Danny staring back with guilty eyes. “Well this is awkward” you say rolling out from underneath Danny, meeting Zayns glare. “At least it's Danny or else the dude would be dead” Zayn says helping the both of you up. You all chuckle and both apologize because of the situation the dark had put you in. “Don't get any ideas now” Zayn jokes brushing Danny off as you all go to look at photos and move past the little mix up that had just happened.
  • Niall: You toss and turn but it's no use. With the rain clouding your thoughts and the absence of Niall's body beside you, there's no sleep tonight. You roll out of bed and tug on Niall's shirt over your messy bed hair. You stroll out to the kitchen for a midnight snack, and glimpse through the fridge. Cold pizza, that's always satisfying you thought. You finish breaking off the pieces just as Niall and Sean come crashing through the door. “She was hot” you hear Sean slur out as Niall just laughs at his friend. They find you in the kitchen and join you on your late night munching. “How was the pub?” you ask them, watching them search the cupboards like cave men. “Fantastic” Niall chimes while finding some left over chicken in the fridge. “Tons of pints and girls” Sean adds smirking from behind the island in the kitchen. Niall pulls you in and holds your waist from behind, kissing up and down your neck sending chills through out your body. He presses his lips to your ear and starts whispering naughty things, everything he wants to do to you and more. “Not while Sean's here” you joke while walking over to the couch, snuggling up in the cushions. “[Y/N] can I have some food?” Sean calls out, still looking through the kitchen. “Yes Irish cream” you joke, using the nickname he's been given due to his pastiness and many drunken nights. You all ate together, while you were entertained by your two drunken men. “Ou it's a light show” they say with their eyes plastered to the window as lightening strikes in the distance. “You two are weirdo's” you say settling between the two of them. “But we're your weirdos” Niall says tickling you and Sean joins in with him. The rooms sense of light disappears as you hide your face in what you thought was Niall's chest. You feel a flashlight blinding you as you stare like a deer in the headlights. Your cozy closer to Sean without realizing who's behind the flashlight. “Interesting” Niall chuckles as you and Sean lay there both hiding from the storm outside. “Oh shut up and come join” you say before Niall jumps onto your back and snuggles you up. He flips you around so your back is now pressed on Sean as you all just lay listening to the storm. “Weirdo's” you say again just to be attacked by the hands of Sean and Nialler. “We make a good team” they say highfiving over top of your head. Time passes as you begin to hear soft snores escaping Seans lips, you tap Niall to get off. You retrieve pillows and blankets and get Sean ready for the night. You feel Niall grab you again and he begins to whisper the same things as before, but this time you give in. You trail up to the bedroom and you knew that no sleeping would be going on anytime soon.
  • Harry: “Can I get you another drink?” Harry offers whispering into your ear over the loud crowd. He places his hand on the small of your back, sending a tingly feeling all over. “Yes please babe” you give him a quick kiss and he's off. The club was absolutely jam packed tonight, being close to strangers no matter how hard you tried to get your space. Will and a few of Harry's other friends were in town, and they were quite the party people. As Harry trailed off Will drags you out to the dance flood. The mixture of alcohol and the beat was strong as you showed of your drunken moves waiting for Harry's return. “Your drink me lady” he says, bowing slightly as if he was your butler. You pull him in and begin to dance, bumping and grinding perfectly getting him worked up. He spins you around so your face to face, his face told you he needed you, so you pull him in quickly for a long smouldering kiss. Letting it linger as you traced your finger along the waistband of Harry's Calvin Kliens, working your magic to get Harry ready for later. You go in for another kiss when Will pushes between the two of you, earning a death stare from Harry. Will raises his bottle and toasts “To the memories, to the music, to being sexy and we know it” he slurs on and on when Harry finally cuts him off by clinking his bottle to Will's. You lean into Harry's ear “To us” you whisper before the two of you cheer to one another. A smirk draws across his face as you two clink everyone's cup. As the night carries on, the chemistry between you and Hazza was mesmerizing as if you two lit up the whole room. Your eyes lock as you sway with the music, working wonders on Harry's body sending him into a spiral of lust. He pulls you in and just before anything can happen, the lights go out. Panic sets in as the people in the club push and pull you away from Harry. “[Y/N].....[Y/N]” your names being called out through the club as you struggle to meet the voice. A hand takes your wrist and pulls you into a booth. You soon hear the familiar voices of the people you'd come with and a very seductive Haz. “Thanks babe” you lean to your left to Haz only to hear coughs from the right of you. You reach out to feel a mop of curls on your right and hear Will laugh. “Now I know why you like her” Will jokes, still in the dark but you knew exactly the expression that laid on Harry's face. “Shut your face” Harry groans pulling you in protectively as you lean in to kiss him. “Just remember, I'm your not his” you say before kissing him passionately. The lights come back on and for the rest of the night Harry holds you close not letting you leave him again.
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  • Liam: “You guys are too much” you say slapping your knee in a fit of laughter. The boys had invited you over for a get together, in your books, another excuse to see your best friends. Charades was getting funnier by the drink, and the boys were bringing humour to a whole knew level. “Alright lads, how about we keep it down” Liam suggests only to be drowned out by the rowdy boys who didn't want the night to end. “Guys, I think we should put the games on hold for a little bit” he says again. “Awe is Li-Li getting tired?” Niall asks in a childish voice. “No, but I got a call from the neighbours to shut up” he explains. The boys huff and puff while you step in. “Now boys, don't give him a hard time, he's taking care of you” you help Liam clear off the table, while the other boys huddle up and whisper to themselves. “It's alright Li, it's just the alcohol talking” you assure him as you hear the giggles from the other room. “I hate ruining their fun, but we don't need any trouble” he sighs, smiling although slightly worried. “Don't worry Li, their payback will be a prank, knowing them” you both giggle as you come back only to find Zayn seated on the couch. “Pee break” he explains the absence of the missing boys. You hear the the hurried footstep of 3 boys and in a swift move, his trousers hit the floor. As the other boys celebrate their cleverness, the laughter erupts more when the sudden realization that Liam's boxers had gone down to his ankles as well. “His snakes out!” Harry laughs clutching his stomach being joined by the other boys. You can't help but eye up Liam's manhood in complete shock. “Now I know why his last names Payne” you say without realizing it. Liam grabs a pillow to cover up his over exposed area, slowly backing out of the room to retrieve his trousers. “It's true” the boys agree with you as a Liam returns with burning red cheeks. “Thanks” he says shyly to all the compliments about his mini me. “So how about charades?” he suggests trying to move on from the incident. “Be proud Li, be proud” you smile while setting up for charades yet again.
  • Louis: “Do you want to come over later?” Louis asked at the end of a very long phone call between the two of you. You two met at your best friends party and had bonded fairly quickly, and had become very close friends yourself. “Sure thing, I'll bring food for you and curly” you tell him, knowing Harry's ease dropping by this point. “MY SAVIOUR” Harry screams into the phone. “CURLY, I'M GOING TO GET YOU” Lou answers back before hanging up the phone. “Those boys” you smile to yourself while waiting a bit before ordering food and seeing your boys. An hour later you were on your way to pick up food, and your best friend just happened to be working. “Hey [Y/N], where you headed?” she asked curiously stuffing your food into a brown paper bag. “Just off to Lou's” you say happily as your friend gets a huge smirk on her face. “Your welcome” she says cockily, knowing she's the reason you two had become so close. “Oh shut up and give me a hug before I go” you say jokingly as she reaches over the counter for a quick embrace and hands you your food. Just before you leave she calls out “have fun tonight, animal” you roll your eyes and continue onto Lou's house. “House keeping” you say while knocking on the door. You hear quick footsteps approach the door, and see Harry with a huge grin. “Oh hello you” he says cheekily, joking around with you. You two go to the kitchen to get the food set up. “Wheres Lou, he's usually trailing into the kitchen by now” you say, knowing how much Lou loved Italian food. “Hmm, check his room?” Haz offers, taking care of the rest of the food. “Whatever you say curly” you smirk walking out to find your blue eyed friend. You walk to his room but can't find him, until you hear his little mumbles from down the hall. You knock on the bathroom door only for it to fly open, just at the same time Lou steps out of the shower. “Oh..” you say tilting your head staring down at Lou's willy. “Hi [Y/N], wasn't expecting you in here” he teases, grabbing a towel. You walk out closing the door behind you, still shocked. You go to the kitchen to eat away your thoughts, but Harry reads your face like a book. “Saw his willy” he chuckles. “Yeah, it's uhm, larger then I expected” you say as pink over takes your cheeks. “Tommo packs a punch” Lou says strolling into the kitchen. “Just because it's big doesn't mean your ego gets to be to” you say jokingly as the three of you erupt into laughter.
  • Zayn: It was a lazy Sunday with the boys, and it couldn't be any better. Once they knew you were coming over, they offered for you to stay the night so you didn't have to rush home like many times before. “I'd love to” you say snuggling between Harry and Niall on the couch. You sat there for hours watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, with your head resting in Hazza's lap and legs dangled over Niall. “What do you want for supper?” Zayn asks as his stomach grumbles loudly. “I can go get Nando's” Liam says while getting his wallet and getting ready to head out. “I'll keep you company” you say getting yourself off the couch lazily. “Hurry back” Niall calls out before you two leave for your short walk to cure the boys hunger. You two pick up the food, and journey back to the flat while talking about the randomest things. “Do you think dinosaurs had showers?” you ask Liam who can't help but laugh. “Too cute babe” he says before considering the answer to your question. As you arrive at the flat Niall waits patiently at the table he set for the dinner. “So boys, any plans for tonight?” you ask while chowing down. “I kind of feel like going out tonight” Zayn admits from across the table. “After dinner we can all get ready, because we know how long it'll take [Y/N]” Harry says nudging your side. “Oh, just eat your food mop head” you say as you all continue to chatter over dinner. “I call the shower first, dibs” you call out touching your nose as Louis helps you clear off the table. You quickly run down the shower to prepare yourself for a long night. You do a smokey eye to bring out a dramatic side, and do light waves with your hair. You slip into your favourite dress which fits like a glove. You add gloss for the perfect touch, slip on the pumps and give yourself one last look in the mirror. “Wow” you say to yourself, feeling confident in your skin. “Holy shit” you hear Harry say while looking you over, and Lou Liam and Niall come to join him. As they ou and awe you can't help but notice Zayn is MIA, yet again. “Zayn you take longer then...” you say opening the door to a naked Zayn browsing through his closet. “You look gorgeous” he says winking as you stand speechless. You manage to put some words into your mouth “You look wow” you say covering your eyes with your hands. “Large, I mean lovely, oh piss it” you stutter out as if your brain had no off switch. When you open your eyes again he's fully clothed and takes your hand to lead you out to the cab. “It didn't happen if that's what you'd like” he offers whispering into your ear. “I guess you'll find out later” you say sliding into the cab, leaving Zayn's mind to wander.
  • Niall: “I feel so close to you right now it's a force field” Niall sings out of the sun roof of your car. His pre drinks before hitting the clubs were making him do things he wouldn't regularly do. “Your crazy Horan” you tell him as he belts out multiple songs from your radion. “Call me when you need a ride” you tell him before he goes out to down pints like there's no tomorrow. “Thanks love” he runs off as you go off to work. It was your turn to do the night shift at the local cafe you worked at. You had little business tonight, just the regular couples who went on their nightly coffee run. As they clear out you can't help but smile at their routines. You swept to the soft jazz buzzing through the speakers and lock up. You head to your car and hear your phone going off like crazy. 3:30 am- 1 missed call, your screen glowed at you. You call Niall back and hear the drunkenness in his voice “Can you uhm, pick me up?” he musters out slowly. “Sure thing” you call out before heading off to get snowflake. You pull up to Niall doing a jig for the people filing out of the club. You honk at him and he nearly falls over. He stumbles to the car and pops out of the sun roof again. “Thank you and good night” he calls out while blowing kisses to the giggling crowd. “Have fun?” you ask as you settles down. “Oh yes, lots and lots of pints” he slurs. You notice the time, and feel it wearing you down. “Ni, can I crash on the couch?” you ask him in the middle of a yawn. “Anything for my trusty stead” he says poking your arm. You walk him into the house and get him into bed. “Good night Ni, sleep tight” you say tucking him in and kissing his forehead. Just before you close the door he calls out “Thank you for everything [Y/N]”. You head off to the couch and fall asleep as soon as your face hits the cushion. You wake up to the clinking of cereal hitting the bowl mixed with Nialls groans. “Hungover?” you squeak out in your morning voice. “No shit” he says coming to sit with you on the couch. Your eyes were still fighting off the sleep when you see Nialls package. “Wow Ni, I'm impressed” you laugh as he looks down to notice he forgot to redress himself. “You don't mind do you?” he asks covering himself up with blankets. You both blush and can't help but laugh. “Here Ni, I borrowed your sweats” you said sliding off the sweats to cover up the naked Niall. “Your the best” he says after hiding himself under the fabric, kissing your forehead. “Anything for my trusty stead” you mimic him from the night before and just laugh it off.
  • Harry: “Two hours til your birthday” Harry says anxiously. “I can't wait” you say giddily watching the clock tick, sitting up with all the boys. Ever since you met them a few years back, you all got along easily and became a mini family. You had explained to them that every year you stayed up with friends counting down the hours to you birthday. This year they insisted on being with you, and keeping tradition going. “Your day will be full of surprises” Lou says while tickling you down to the ground. The next two hours fly by with the boys distracting you with all things possible. “Look a flying squirrel” Laim calls out just before the clock strikes twelve. You hear big ben calling out and are struck to the ground by your five closest friends. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR [Y/N] THE SEXIEST MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ALIVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” they sing out as you sit like a school girl listening to their angelic voices. “Oh come here you guys” you say wrapping your arms around them as they snuggle in and cozy up. “I don't want to move” Harry says softly as you all grow tired. Still laying on the floor all close together, you knew this would be the best birthday yet. “Neither do I” you sigh out feeling the boys come closer and closer. “Sleeping on the floor with [Y/N] it is” Zayn giggles while pulling blankets off the couch. “Do I get good night kisses?” you joke as you feel all of them sit up to kiss you good night. “Oh you boys are the best” you say settling back down beside Harry and Lou. “Oh we know” Lou whispers to you. You smack him and chuckle off into a deep slumber, being kept warm by your best friends. “Good morning beautiful” Niall says shaking you awake while holding out a platter of mouth watering food. “We made you breakfast” he says tousling your hair and leaning in to kiss your cheek. “Thanks boys” you call out while enjoying the little feast they made for you. For the rest of the morning your pampered and find little gifts around the house from the boys. “You guys are honestly amazing, how much better can it get” you say while tackling them into your embrace as you chuckle into their ears. “I'll be back in a bit” you call out before leaving them for a little while. “Have fun beautiful” Harry calls out while cleaning up the kitchen. You got your hair, make up and nails done for your party tonight. “Damn look at her” Lou calls out as you come back home. “And that's without the dress and shoes for full affect” Zayn adds in hugging you. They compliment you from head to toe and you feel someone cover your eyes and begin to walk. You enter the kitchen and they reveal a huge cake. “I love it” you call out as they watch your reaction. It had to be at least 6 feet tall, speaking of which “Wheres Harry?” you ask just as you see his figure come bursting out of the cake, completely naked. “Holy shit it's huge” you blurt then smack your hand over your mouth. Harry looks down and realizes his boxers had fallen off, and can't help but smirk at you awing over his giant gift. He pulls his boxers up as another thought escapes your lips. “I could get used to that,might hurt at first though” you fling your hands to cover your face and giggle uncontrollably as the boys join in and give you a group hug. “Naughty girl” they all call out while teasing you about your shock of Harry's natural gift.
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Anonymous asked: Can you make a preference where hes in the mood to do it with you but your on your period?

Love this idea! So cheeky :) of course I can!

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Anonymous asked: your first time from his pov? (:

I’ll attempt it for you! great idea :)

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  • Liam: “I did it Li!” you say excitedly jumping up and down. You had gone through drivers ed and worked super hard to get your license. He joined you in your celebration in the main office of the course. You got many stares but you could care less, you were so happy! “That's my girl” he says kissing your nose. You leave hand in hand and walk to the parking lot. “Show me your skills” Liam encourages giving you the keys and sliding into the car. For the rest of the day you ventured around town, and Liam was very impressed. “Look at you go babe” he says as you parallel park and head into a restaurant for dinner. “I'll pay babe, your reward for passing” he says as the bill approaches the table, holding your hand from across the table moving his thumb in a figure of eight on the back of your hand. “Li, can we walk around for a bit?” you ask while leaving the restaurant. “Of course, there's a park just down the street” he says offering you his arm as you two walk happily. Around 11 you two decide to head back to the car and settle in for the evening. As you started driving Liam's phone started to ring. “Hey Zayn....woah just breathe, we'll come get you”. Liam's face is full of concern as you give him a questioning look. “Fans are surrounding his house, one tried to get it” he sighs out explaining the situation. “Some people” your voice trails off as you arrive at Zayn's. The swarm of girls tried to hold Zayn back as he ran hopelessly for the car. The drive back to Liam's flat consists of cursing and comfort. The light changes to green as you begin to drive, when a car comes out of no where. You feel yourself come to as you hear a combination of sirens and Zayn's sobs. “Zayn are you okay love?” you ask concerned. “Oh thank god” he says hugging you from the back seat. You look over at Liam who has a relieved expression on his face. “Is everyone alright?” you ask trying to calm down. “I believe so” Liam says while rubbing your back soothingly. He continues up to your neck and that's when the pain kicks in. Even at the slightest touch you cringe and tear up. “Miss, you all need to go to the hospital” the medic tells you as you try to protest otherwise. You and Liam go out on stretchers and Zayn hops into the ambulance with you, making sure your okay. At the hospital, Liam gets two stitches on his hand from a shagged piece of glass. As well as the matching neck braces you both have to wear. “You two look so cute” Zayn says trying to lighten the mood. Zayn arranges a ride home for you two and you both settle down on the couch. You start doing a crossword puzzle when you suddenly get an idea. You turn stiffly with your sharpie in hand and write 'hers' in big bubble letters on Liam's brace. You take a picture to show him and he steals the marker away writing 'his' just the same way. You two go look in the mirror to look at your masterpiece. “We look pretty spiffy” Liam chuckles while taking a picture of the two of you.
  • Louis: The best thing about Friday nights was that you could get as hammered as you wanted to and not worry about work. Tonight was your girlfriends birthday, so Louis promised to be your designated driver. “Thank you babe, it means a lot” you say while getting ready to leave for the party. “Just want to keep you safe” he says while hugging you from behind. You do your finishing touches as you hear Lou tell you it's time to go. The whole night you down shots and mixed drinks, feeling completely plastered. Whenever your with Lou you always do crazy things, and while your girls egging you on too, you were going wild. You were dancing on tables and down body shots. “Let's dance” you scream over the music leading Lou to the dance floor. Your captivated by his crystal clear blue eyes, and feel the alcohol taking over. You kiss him repeatedly then give him the look. It was time to go home. “Good night love, happy birthday!” the two of you call out before rushing off to the car. The drive home was one of the best yet. You always had fun with Lou, no matter what the situation. “DANCE PARTY!” you scream while flailing your arms to the beat of the music. “Red light” you say to Lou as if he wasn't paying attention. He leans over and kisses your forehead. “I love you” he giggles through a whisper under his breath. You hear car tires shred on pavement as you black out from the impact. You blink rapidly as your eyes adjust to the hospital lights hanging above your head. You see a worried Lou who's face lightens as soon as he see's your awake. “Oh babe, I'm so glad your okay” he says kissing you. A nurse comes in and explains the injuries and care needed. “Thank you for everything” you and Lou say in sync, and begin to laugh. Sharp pains shoot up your side. “3 broken ribs, a concussion and 7 stitches. Your a mess babe!” he jokes with you, earning a smile from your aching face. “I'm sorry I couldn't have protected you” he says guiltily. “Don't you dare think this was your fault! It was the drunk driver!” you says slightly raising your voice while reaching for Tommo's hand. “Just promise you'll take care of me” you ask. “Wouldn't have it any other way” he says while preparing your things to go home.
  • Zayn: It was a late winter evening as the cold air danced along your exposed skin causing shivers to go down your spine. You run into the airport to escape the heavy snowfall. “Hey you” you hear Danielle's voice as she comes to offer a hug. “I haven't seen you in months!” you reply through chattering teeth, still adjusting to the new found heat in the airport. You two catch up while you wait for the boys plane to land. “The flight from LA to London has arrived safely” you hear a women from behind a desk call out to Danielle. You nearly jump out of your seat to meet a very worn out Zayn. As soon as his eyes meet yours, you run to meet each others embrace. After a mini reunion with everyone, you help Zayn with his things and rush out to the car. “How have you been?” he asks getting into the passenger seat. “It's been a roller coaster, you?” you ask starting the car and begin your journey home. “About the same” he says, eyes fighting to stay open. “We can talk later, rest babe” you pat his shoulder as he fidgets to a comfortable position and falls into a gentle slumber. You listen to the soft hum of the radio and focus on the road. Driving a long you hear warnings of icy roads mixed with static from the storm. It's as if it was a jinx. You hit a patch of black ice and the car spins out of control. It falls into the ditch on the side of the road. Zayn wakes in a panic to your hitched breathing. “Babe breathe I'll call for help” he fumbles through his jacket pocket with his left hand to get his phone. He hangs up to see your tear stained face, he tries to reach with his right hand to brush them away only to see his wrist dangle lifelessly. “We need to go to the hospital” you say still in shock. You hear the cars pull up and try to open the door, but struggle as your unable to move your left arm at all. As you arrive at the hospital you and Zayn are torn apart to separate rooms as you get looked after. “[Y/N], you have a dislocated shoulder and we need to pop it back in” the nurse warns. Click. With that you yelp and tears stream down your face, only to hear the scuffs of Zayn's footsteps. “It'll be okay” he says reassuringly as you two get ready to head home. Through out the recovery you two help each other and become the gimp team.
  • Niall: “You ready to go?” you call out from the bottom of the stairs. “Yeah buddy!” Niall laughs out while throwing his bags down to you. You pack up the car and off you go, spring break has officially started. Niall cranks the tunes while you open every window in the car, creating a wild breeze whipping your hair around. “Ni, where are we going?” you shout while drumming on the dashboard. “Wherever the road takes us” he says completely carefree. The whole plan was to go somewhere he wouldn't be recognized so you two could truly enjoy each others company without complications. “This is so nice, escaping from the world” he says joyfully. You agreed completely, it was nice getting some privacy finally. “We've got two hours to go” he says to himself, but not quite enough. “To go where?” you question raising an eyebrow. “Well, it was supposed to be a surprise” he says somewhat disappointed in spoiling his plan. “But I rented a cottage on the shore line” he says shyly awaiting your response. You light up like a Christmas tree and jump in your seat. It was on your bucket list, and having Niall there to experience it with you would make it even better. As you cruse around the road singing to the music you see a car in the distance. “First one we've seen in hours” he jokes about the lone road you two have been travelling. As it gets closer and closer, you realize it's coming head on. Niall tries to swerve but the bumper takes the impact. You feel the car scrunch like an accordion and time slows down. Niall's voice brings you back to reality. “Baby are you hurt?” his voice rings in your head. You look down to see shards of glass sticking out of your body in various spots, and feel a huge pain in your stomach. Your heart and head pound as you nod. “Are you?” you ask him still trying to snap out of it. “My foot feels like it's broken, but that's it” he says calmly. The other driver approaches the car to help you two. “I called an ambulance too, just in case” she says shakily. Your stomach felt like it was going to fall off when you look down and see why. A six inch piece of the glass windshield was sticking out, how did you not notice? “My god..” Niall and the woman gasp out as sirens come near. “Stay strong babe, I'll see you there” Nialler says squeezing your hand as you part into different trucks. As you arrive you hear the doctors ramble on until you go into a room and they put you under. You wake to the soft Irish voice you'd know from anywhere. “Hey Ni, you alright” you whisper out through a strained throat. “Just as I thought, broken foot” he says showing off his cast. You chuckle only to feel the pain increase. “Am I okay?” you ask him. “The nurse said it missed everything barely, pure luck” he says smiling. You smile thankfully as the nurse re-enters the room. “Ma'am” you call out “can I keep the glass?” you asked shyly. The nurse gives Niall a look as they both giggle. She pulls the bottle containing the glass out of here pocket. “Of course you can dear, he thought you'd want it” she says before letting you leave. Without you knowing, Niall got the glass made into a necklace in the shape of a shamrock, to keep it as your lucky charm.
  • Harry: “Hey babe, can you do me a favour” Harry sings out from the kitchen. “Depends” you tease walking in to see a very spiffy Haz. “Can you drive me to the photo shoot?” he asks kissing your hand, trying to be a suck up. “Sure Haz, am I picking you up too?: you ask pouring yourself orange juice. “Yes please” he coo's in your ear while handing you a plate full of delicious food. You both eat quickly and rush out the door. “Thanks babe, I'll call you!” he kisses you before scurrying out of the car to meet up with Liam who was just ahead. For the few hours you have, you go shopping to occupy the time. You buy some pumps that match your favourite dress a long with a few shirts and two beanies. One for you and one for Hazza. Your phone goes off while your picking up a few groceries. “Hey babe” you say while answering your phone. “Hi kitten, can you get me now please?” he says sounding slightly tired. “Sure thing” you say heading to the check out. “Thanks love” he replies before hanging up. You pull up to find Harry standing with a bouquet of roses. “Thanks again babe” he says handing you the flowers while sliding into the car. “Their lovely” you say admiring the gift while kissing him to say thank you. “Just like you” he says and you give an awe to his cheesy statement. “What should we do tonight?” you ask Harry making small talk in the car. “Well I plan on doing you, I mean erm, what?” he said cheekily while reaching to place his hand on your thigh. “Oh stop it you!” you tease hitting him playfully. As you continue driving you notice the car behind you we getting awfully close. As the light turns red, you slow down waiting to turn at the next chance. The car behind you follows through causing your car to push onto the side walk right into a street lamp. You see Harry's body begin to launch forward, heading straight for the windshield. In the spur of the moment you throw your arm out with all your strength and hold him back. As the air bag deploys on his side your head lashes forward as you hear the snap of your arm breaking. You don't move from the position the accident got you in. Head leaning on the steering wheel as you watch the blood drip from your forehead. The sirens call out and echo in your head. “Babe you saved me” Harry says shocked. “Why'd you do that?” he asks, almost as if he's angry with himself. “Because I love you” you manage through tears and whimpers. At the hospital you get a cast on your arm and stitches for the gash on your forehead. “Now you do have a minor head injury but you seem to be making good progress” the doctor explains to you. “So we do insist you stay on bed rest and come back for a check up in a few days” he continues while you see Harry approaching your room. He has a huge box of chocolate in one hand and the roses from the day before in the other. His eyes are red and puffy, showing he was worried sick about you. “Please take care of her in the mean time” the doctor says to Harry before handing you the release papers. He looks at your bandaged head and the cast on your arm as you manage a smile through slightly bruised lips. “Kitten, how you feeling?” he asks while sitting on the edge on the bed. “A lot better now that your here” you say leaning in for a kiss. He gets you into the car and you drive home. You try to continue on from the conversation yesterday, but he cuts you off. “You saved me” his voice cracks, tears welling up in his eyes. “I know, and I gave you my reason” you say sternly. The rest of the drive is silent, until you finally arrive home. “I'm still in shock, I mean, I owe you my life” he says trying to explain his thought process. “You don't owe me anything” you say with a sigh. You turn to look at him as you both have small tears falling down your pink cheeks. “I couldn't imagine life without you Haz, that's why I'm going to save you no matter” you say through sobs. “I love you so much” he says while kissing you gently. For the rest of your recovery he barely leaves your side, and you two have become even closer through this whole incident.
  • A/N: Hope you enjoy! Feed back is welcome :)
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Hey guys this is Emily. Im just here letting you know how thing are working around here. Me (Emily or Nako) just helps with posting things and answering questions and my friend (Hannah or Higgins) writes all these preferences. So this is how you”ll knows whos on. When me, Emily, is on I’ll sign it -Nako, when Han’s on she’ll sign it -Higgins. So leave some suggestions and idea so Han can get writing them :) -Nako

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  • Liam: You couldn't take it anymore, the clothes had to go. It was the only thing separating you and Liam from being as close as possible. “Take it off” you grunt while running your hand over Liams washboard torso. Fingers inching ever so slowly towards his 'end zone'. His eyes flicker to meet yours, filled with lust but still as gentle as ever. That's what got you most. He contained himself perfectly yet lost control. “Only if I get assistance” he whispers while kissing right below your earlobe. Oh god, the sweet spot. You grab his face and plant your lips on his. Moving in sync, you fumble with the buckle of Liam's pants as he unzips your dress. You break away from him just fast enough to get each others clothes off. “It looked gorgeous on, but it belongs on the floor” Liam says throwing it across the bedroom. “What's the rule?” you say teasingly jumping up so both of your hips are connected. “You have to work for the touchdown” he exhales before slamming your back into the wall. You wrap your arms around his neck, gripping his hair for support, tugging to get small moans to escape his angelic lips. He holds you closer, adding to the heat of the moment. Stumbling towards the bed, things (or you two) were about to go down. “Oh god...” you both begin to curse and groan, only to hear noise from just outside the door. “And he's got the ball, HE. COULD. GO. ALL. THE. WAY” you hear in an announcer voice as it gets closer by the second. “Don't stop” Liam almost screams. Niall busts in, not even affected by the activities taking place in bed. “TOUCHDOWN!” he screams sliding across the floor with his shirt over his head. He readjusts the shirt to meet your gaze. His bright rosy cheeks said it all, drunk. “Give us a minute” you say while continuing with Liam. -Minutes later- You and Liam proceed downstairs to find Niall with the biggest grin across his face. “How would you say that game went? Any star players?” he chuckles uncontrollably. Li's face turns scarlet and you decide to show Nialler your cheeky side. “It was a team effort, but I'd say he'd get gold” you reply with a wink, nudging Liam with your hip. “This will go down in record books my friend” Liam says pulling you close and kissing your neck. Before pulling away he whispers “Game two later?”.
  • Louis: “And party and bullshit” you and Lou sing back and forth heading into your flat. It was as if you hadn't left the club, in your drunken state you felt as if the music was still blasting, and the bass matched your heartbeat. “Cause when the sun sets baby, on the avenue” Lou slurs dragging you into his arms. “I get that drunk sex feeling” you whisper, biting your lip while looking Lou over from head to toe. Damn, you thought to yourself. He had a drunken grin plastered on his face. “Are you implying something?” he half laughs half mumbles. You pull him in, tugging and nipping on his bottom lip, just to drive him insane. And that was all you remember from last night. You wake up still on top of Lou on the couch, legs tangled together like a spider web. You fidget with covers as a slight draft rolls through the flat. “Oh right there [Y/N]...keep going” you head Lou groaning in his sleep. You feel the slight bulge grow beneath you and decide to 'fix' the problem. You kiss him from his forehead to his neck. Leaving a trail of love bites from his jawline to the sweet spot on his collar bone, letting it linger before continuing down his torso and hitting his treasure trail. 5,4,3,2,1... X marks the spot. You begin giving Lou a very special 'good morning' and he wakes quickly, gripping your hair out of habit. “Hello to you too...ouuu...ohhh” Lou groans out while biting his lip. Between Louis noise and the covers over your head, you couldn't hear the keys fumbling in the lock. Zayn busts in and laughs at Lou. “Really dude, wanking on the couch?” thinking it was Lou doing all the work. You flip up from under the covers gasping for air. You turn to meet Zayn's awkward yet amused gaze. “I'll wait in the car, be out in 15 minutes. Nice seeing you [Y/N]” Zayn says closing the door. Lou breaks himself away and prepares himself for the day, as you wrap yourself in the blankets to stay warm. He emerges from the bedroom and is about to head out. “Thank you for that, I really enjoyed it” he said kissing you gently all over your face. “You owe me” you say bluntly and he can't help but laugh. “Wait til I get home” he says before heading off to his interview. Later that day you await to see the boys on tv, waiting to see what wild things will happen this time. “So boys, do you have any dirt on each other?” the interviewer asks while eyeing each boy down. “Well...” Zayn says looking at Lou for approval. Lou responds with a nod and a wink. “Lou and [Y/N] are so eager, they can't even make it to the bedroom. The couch is their place of loving”. The whole set bursts into laughter as you too can't help it. He's in for it, you think while eyeing your man candy down on the screen. Patiently waiting for payback once he gets home.
  • Zayn: “Babe, that smells amazing” Zayn says in awe watching you at the barbeque. “Who knew you'd be dating a grill master?” you laugh while flipping over the burgers and hot dogs. You two prepare the rest of the food early, giving yourselves time to relax before the guests arrive. Zayn sits out on the patio step sipping on a beer while you waltz over in your 'kiss the cook' apron. Inching closer to him, he skims the message and looks at you mischievously. “Will do” he says launching himself at you. He kisses you harder, gripping your hips as if signalling you to jump. You push yourself up as he grabs your bum to hold you up. He walks over to the lounge chair, dodging the different things sprawled on the deck. “What if they show up early?” he sighs realizing the risk of it all. “Don't start what you can't finish, Malik” making him grin into a kiss. He sets you onto the chair, and you begin to slid of each others clothes as if they were melting ice cream. He teasingly drags his fingers just above your lady flower. You whisper curses in his ear begging and pleading him to bang you like a snare drum. “Is my flower ready for picking?” he says grazing his manhood just above your flower. You nod and with that it begins. It's as if you two become one and the whole world is drowned out by the panting escaping your lips. “Did you fertilize the flowers Malik?” a very chipper Lou says from the sliding back door. “Lou, let them finish” a shocked and embarrassed Liam says tugging Lou into the house. “Don't worry, the moments gone now” you sigh trying to leave Zayn's grip to get your clothes. “Wait til we aren't watching, daisy” Lou chuckles out before running away from a scolding Liam. You and Zayn collect yourselves and go into the house. Your greeted by the rest of the boys smirking faces. “They were getting dirty in the garden” Lou begins to explain and has the whole room cracking up with laughter. “I'll never hear the end of this will I?” you ask Zayn later in the evening. “Looks like we'll have to give them more to talk about” he says in pure lust.
  • Niall: “Why did I agree to this?” Niall huffs while cleaning up your place for the party. The new album had just been released, so it was time to celebrate! “Because you were drunk Nialler” you laugh while preparing food in the kitchen. You remember the night clearly (que the flashback). In his drunken bliss he happily agreed. “WE'D love to!” he chimed out before sloppily kissing your pink cheeks. The whole night you two were dancing up a storm. He looked so good, his hair was getting the brown tint back. Lets face it though, he looks like a sex god no matter what. Your train of thought was cut off by your now burnt left foot. “Oh f**k, bitch, dick!” you curse hobbling out of the water on the kitchen floor. Niall sprints in and see's the pot that contained boiling water spilled all over the tiles, and your gimp foot. “Princess, what happened?” he says rushing to your side trying to comfort you. “I was thinking of you, I'm so sorry for messing this up. I know it means a lot to you” you manage to speak through clenched teeth. You hang your head and your foot throbbed, causing tears to threaten to spill over your face. “Hey now, you didn't do anything wrong!” he says kissing your temple. “Now let me take a look” he said scooping you up and setting you on the island in the counter. “Good thing you took first aid, my hero” you say calming yourself down as you watch Niall fix you up. He leans down and kisses the bandaged foot. “How about I help you cook, yeah?” he says trying to get back to work. You hook your right foot around his waist and pull him into a long, breath taking kiss. “Or I'll distract you from the pain” he says in pure lust. He clears off the surface with a swift arm movement. “Doctors orders” you chime out before Niall pulls you down onto him. The clothes are flung around the kitchen as if they were toxic. In the midst of getting it on, you hit your foot off the counter. “Oww..” you whimper quietly. “Did I hurt you?” he asks worried. “No you, are doing wonders, keep going” you demand. As things get freakier you hear someone clear their throat. A very amused Harry stood at the doorway. “Shit” you exlcaim while sinking down to bury your face in Niallers chest. You forgot you asked Harry for cooking help. “How's the patient Doctor Horan?” he smirks eyeing the two of you. “Shut up” Niall groans at Harry, while he tries to hide your body from Hazza's wandering eyes. “I'll give you two a moment... nice ass Horan” you crack up and redress yourselves. As the party goes on and on, Harry teases you the whole night by saying “Time for a check up yet”. You hit him playfully but can't wait for round two with Horan.
  • Harry: “Just a warning- bad day at work” you sigh to Harry over the phone. “Why don't we talk about it once you get home, I'll cheer you up babe.” he says, you can hear the hope in his voice trying to make you smile. “Be there in 10” you say and toss the phone to the passenger seat. You sluggishly drive home and feel the stress building up. Your good friend from work had to take time off for surgery and since you needed extra cash, you took her shifts. Working from 7am to 9pm wasn't your ideal plan, but you couldn't go broke. You drag yourself to the door and are greeted by a relaxed Haz. “Hi beautiful” he grins while pulling you into his chest. You feel your throat tighten as small sobs escape your chest. “I know babe, it's tough. But you'll get through it” he coo's while stroking your hair. You inhale deeply and feel the tears vanish. “Just stress and frustration” you explain to him while he walks with you to the bathroom. You open the door to a candle lit room, and a bubble bath looking almost too good to be true. “It's just what I need” you gasp while meeting Harry's eyes. He looks shyly down at you with his dimples making the smallest indents in his soft cheeks. You pull him in for a hug and feel yourself relax even more, he had that ability to take all your worries away. He helps you slip out of your clothes and slide into the tub, being consumed by bubbles. He heads for the door and you begin to whine “There's room for you” you scotch over as he turns around happily. He drops his clothes in a pile with yours and slides in behind you, massaging your neck. The stress and tension is disappearing with each movement when suddenly he flips you around. He kisses you and before he pulls away he bites your lip and that's when you decided he was in for it. Your bodies move in sync with one another as waves and bubbles crash against your skin. You dig into Harry's back as it picks up, when you start to hear the light strumming of a guitar. The door flies open to reveal the four ease-droppers who were hiding outside. “Splish splash [Y/N] & Hazza taking a bath long about a Saturday night” the boys sing song from the door as you all begin to laugh. “Kitten we forgot about the bonfire” Hazza says while covering you with bubbles to hide your nakedness. The boys give you a moment to regain your strength and you head outside to a rowdy bonfire. As the night goes along Haz keeps calling you kitten and Zayn finally blurts out “Kitten? More like lioness we could hear her screams from outside”. Everyone breaks into a fit of laughter and the teasing continues all night. “Don't worry babe, I like it loud” Harry reassures you. You couldn't wait to hear what the other boys had to say.
  • A/N: Feedback is welcome. Hope you liked it :)
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Hey everyone! Just to keep you posted, I’ll be putting up my second preference tonight! My goal is to add one daily! Hope you enjoy reading them, you lovely people!

-Higgins x

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Anonymous asked: oh my gosh that was one of the best preferences i have ever read!!! i can't believe it's your first and you have great music and movie tastes hahaha

Thank you so much! I just love writing and thought I’d put it to use. Hope you enjoy the ones to come (:

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Anonymous asked: Heyy! I LOVE YOUR PREFERENCE. congratz on the notes btw!! so can u pretty please do a pref where the lights go out and you confuse his friend (preferably not another 1D member, maybe like a childhood/home friend) for him, since your scared and cant see anything? xx That would be really cute and cheeky :D THANKSSS! <3

Thank you so much love! everyones been absolutely amazing :) I’ll get right on that babe! love these ideas keep it coming!

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