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  • Liam: “The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the wind is bloooooowing!” you and Liam belt out while cleaning your house out. It’s not like you’re one of those hoarders or anything like that on tv, but you just liked to hold onto things. Luckily, Liam didn’t mind too much. “Now sweety, I don’t mind your old things… but this?!” Liam fake gasps and faints, tumbling to the ground. “It’s like you’re cheating on me” he jokes clutching onto an old ‘N SYNC poster. “OH HUSH” you grab two other posters bringing you back to your younger days. Upon your little flashback, you feel a small thud on your head making a slightly hollow sound. “I challenge you to a duel” you turn around to see Liam holding the rolled up poster like a sword. “It’s on like donkey kong” you say twirling forward a poster and pretending you have the slightest clue that you know what you’re doing. After a solid 5 minutes, you finally manage you slip your poster through the gap between his arm pit and torso. “You…you’ve got me” he says fake stumbling. “Drama queen” you call out before shuffling away, knowing he’d be right behind chasing you. “On to the attic my love” you say rushing through the garage and moving upstairs. “Swing low, sweet chariot” you sway to old music while you keep tidying up. “Look babe, a memory box” Li Li holds up a cobweb covered box and blows it off to clear it up. The years are revealed with each speck of dust. “Oh no…” you both look at each other. ACHOO! Liams nose goes on a rampage over the thousands of particles released. “Not again, please no” he mumbles out before three large ACHOOS! “That’s enough cleaning for now” you both agree and head down for a lunch break. ACHOO! You head off and get Liam a box of tissues. “Bless you” you repeat for what seems the hundredth time. “I feel like a Sneezy from Snow White” he pouts adorably.
  • Louis: “Babe have you seen my shoes?” Lou peels out random things from the bottom of your closet. “Try your feet” you say chuckling, noticing the untied laces pooling around his feet. “I can’t believe I forgot” he says while leaning down to the unscuffed black dress shoes, tying the bunny ears to complete the knot. “I can’t believe you’re stressing so much” you smile as he frantically tries to fix his hair. “You look fine, now stop worrying” you reassure him yet again. “But if I mess up I ruin everything and I just love you so much, honestly..” he tries to continue but he lifts his head and checks you out from head to toe. “You look beautiful” he blushes, in total awe of your attire for the evening. “Mr.Tomlinson, you look handsome as hell”, you meet each others gaze just as the clock chimes calling out the hour. “Time to go” he fidgets around nervously. “Sweety, my family will love you” you kiss him trying to calm his nerves. He’s never been this bad, and since he’s always a hot topic, that’s saying something. “I really hope so, they seem lovely from all the skyping and such” he mutters out through a bitten lip while half laughing. “See, you’ll be fine. I mean I love you, so you can’t be that bad” you joke with him, finally breaking off his nerves to see his charming grin. You two walk to the restaurant doors and just before entering Lou grabs your hand tightly, and you brace this situation together. “MOM” you rush to hug her since it feels like ages since you’ve seen her face. “Look at this cutie with a bootie, eh?” she smiles and winks at Lou causing him to blush. “Bring it in” she says pulling him into a warm embrace, the kind that make all your worries ease away. Your Dad hugs him, and you are in silent disbelief. Seeing as your father wasn’t the type to necessarily offer hugs it caught you off guard. Well that’s new… you thought. Dinner gets going and the main is out. “Would you like pepper sir?” the server asks Lou as he sets the hearty steak before Lou’s eyes. “Oh, yes please” he smiles, but just as the server starts cracking the fresh pepper, Lou inhales and catches the slightest hint of the pepper and- ACHOO. “Even his sneeze is cute” your mom giggles. You all laugh to be cut of with a loud ACHOO. “I’m terribly sorry about that” Lou says, with red cheeks clearly embarrassed. “Oh honey no need to apologize we already love you” your mom tells him reaching over to rub his back reassuringly. “That’s for sure” your dad adds in, and you all smile knowing that this was the perfect way to start off what could just be, the rest of yours and Lou’s life together.
  • Zayn- “Did you load the picnic basket?” you ask as you slip into your floor length summer dress. “Yes I loaded the picanic basket” Zayn says mimicking Yoggy Bear and your mouth instantly half moons, with two crater like dimples. “Gosh you take so long to get ready” he teases as you do the finishing touches, because every occasion is fancy with lipstick. You show off your newly purchased outfit as you finish braiding your hair. “I’m so glad we’re going out [Y/N], I missed you so much” he inches closer reaching for your hips like an infant reaches for what it wants, no surprise he wants you. Just as his finger tips graze the dress you grab your keys and begin to run. “Last one to the car is a rotten egg!” you hear hurried foot steps but it’s no use, your head start had him beat. “Let’s go stinker!” you chuckle as he double checks that everything’s in the car. Little did Zayn know you had found a small meadow near your house, and you wanted to surprise Zayn since he usually makes big surprises for you! As you drive along you both sing with the radio, a perfect duet obviously since you know who always made you feel good about singing with him (wink wink). It was times like these that made everything worth it, reminding him that you’re both still human despite what the world may assume. “Here we are” you park beside the pathway and unload the car. “We have to walk…AWE MAN!” he fake whines. You tussle his hair and kiss his cheek, “MY POOR BABY!” you say sarcastically. “Now, close your eyes” you lead him to the peaceful field and sit him down on a blanket. “Open” you say and he looks around in wonder, observing every little detail just as you did when you had first found this little sanctuary. It was so beautiful and quiet, a place you two could share together. Away from the world, just the two of you with no worries in the world. “It’s almost as lovely as you” he winks twiddling some daisies in between his long smooth fingers. As you both sat there chatting up a storm, it felt like he’d never left. Soon enough he’d made a flower head band for you. You released the tight braid to reveal soft waves and you leaned forward as if he were crowning you. He brushed your hair behind your ear, and kissed your forehead. But as he kissed he got the slightest hint of pollen up his nose. ACHOO ACHOO ACHOO, a little sneezing fit began. 2 minutes later the sneezing had finally stopped. “Damn” he said, rubbing his eyes and his nose simultaneously.
  • Niall- “How many people?” you ask again after hearing a wild number that seemed as if the white house couldn’t hold it let alone your flat. “Almost 1000 or so, I think” Niall hides his face from you so you can’t give him the crazy eyes. “That’s a small get together?” you ask scratching your head. “Well you see, uhm” he begins, switching his gaze around the room as he fidgets and nervously bites his lip. “Save it, let’s just finish making food” you brush it off knowing the stress will melt away with all the cooking and baking. “Oh babe I promise I’ll make it up to you” he kisses every inch of your neck and you turn to face him. Using the spatula you were just making frosting with, you use it as a pointer or an archer aiming for it’s target. “Listen Mister, you’ll make it up to me one way or another” you realize the joke you’ve made and you both laugh. The time starts flying by with all the singing, cooking and dancing going on between the two of you. “Good thing we started yesterday huh?” you say nudging Niall’s hip with yours. “I’m so glad you do these things with me love” he says whipping up different toppings and such. Before you know it, you finish the last thing that can be done and start to go get ready. “You have about an hour or so before we have to do finishing touches babe” Niall calls out while you head down the hall. You get all dolled up for the guests that should be arriving anywhere between 10-20 minutes. “Alright finishing touches lets go!” you and Ni get your butts in gear and make the place look absolutely perfect for the evening. “We did it, 2 minutes to spare” you high five and chest bump one another and kiss each other quickly. “Thanks for this babe, you totally saved my ass” Niall kisses your forehead, showing his appreciation for all your hard work. “Now a quick taste” you hand him a cocktail wienie with a few sauces. “Whatever you do though don’t smell the-” ACHOOOOOOO. You turn to see Niall’s nose acting out from a few spices. KNOCK KNOCK “Go clean up, I’ll let them in” you smile knowing that’s only the start to a good night ahead.
  • Harry- “How long has it been?” the host asks. “How long has what been?” Harry jokes, trying to avoid the whole romance topic. You see, a tv show asked the boys to bring their girlfriend, family or someone close to them onto the show to get a little more personal. So far it’d been a blast and you were excited that Harry brought you, but you knew it was only a matter of time before the attention would be brought upon the two of you. “How long have you and [Y/N] been dating?” she asks, eagerly awaiting the answer yet secretly hoping he’s not off the market. It is Harry Styles we’re talking about here, so you couldn’t blame her lust filled stare. Harry’s face was beet red, he fiddled his long masculine fingers nervously. “Well, uhm, about that, haha, ugh you see, uhm..” he dragged it on like usual. So you chime in, no beating around the bush. “He hasn’t got the balls to ask me out” you smirk and glance over at Danielle and El and get the approving wink and thumbs up as well as a studio filled of laughter. “Oh, so you’re single Harry?” the interviewer asks with all hope, perked up like a school girl. “Uhm, no” he said quietly, giving you an elbow nudge. “We aren’t dating but we aren’t single, we’re weird” you look at him, waiting for his two cents on this. “We’re together, kinda” he smiles and you try and relax him by playing with his curls without anyone noticing. You give the host a look informing her to draw the focus away from Harry for a moment. “So Louis, what do you think about this?” she asks, taking the hint from you. “I think he should just ask her already, but whatever floats your boat Harold” he teases and you all giggle. Harry finally let the tension go and joined in with his cute little chuckle. “So [Y/N], how do you enjoy being with the boys?” you prepare your answer cautiously, trying not to give away too much. “Well, let’s just say it’s a whole new world for me and they’ve helped me through a lot of struggles and given me a lot of memories. They’ve become apart of my family really, each one bringing forth different qualities that really helped me grow and adjust as a person. I wouldn’t change a thing in the world when it comes to these boys” you finish blushing with a smile, secretly holding Hazza’s hand. The awe’s take over the room till suddenly, Haz breaks out into his regular sneezing fit’s he gets for who knows what reason. You instantly smile because he’s got the cutest sneeze even though it’s weird admitting it. He flips his head up and everyone chuckles “He makes everything seem so cute” you say pinching his cheeks. “Oh stop it you” he says pinching yours back. “See, they belong together” Zayn chimes in and everyone laughs and awe’s, knowing he’s exactly right.
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I’m writing a few at the moment! Keep pushing me with the positivity I love you all so much that you for putting up with my lack of work lately!

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Anonymous asked: Did you stop making preferences?? :'(

No! So sorry I haven’t posted one in forever! Schools been very busy lately but I will pop one out soon I promise! Just keep reminding me!

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Anonymous asked: Please please please do the sneezing one soon!

I’m working on this one right now! I’m so sorry I’ve been swamped with school!

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  • Liam: “Can you pass the ketchup please?” you ask Louis, who'd drowned his burger with condiments. “Yeah here you go” he smiles passing it over the other food displayed on the table. A picnic with the boys was exactly what you needed to cheer you up. Since they'd been gone for so long, you missed Liam so much it hurt. You all sit on a patched dull blanket under the oak tree where you and Liam had met one brisk fall evening. You all chatter and catch up about the things that had happened while they were gone. “Liam did you remember?” Harry nods towards you as you stare off into the lovely out look you have on the city. Being on this hill reminded you of how Liam makes you feel, beautiful and on top of the world. “Earth to [Y/N], come in [Y/N]” Niall waves his hands in front of your face bringing you back to reality. “Sorry, zoned out” you blush realizing you'd completely ignored anything outside of your personal dream wonderland for the past few minutes. “Well Liam got you something, so listen up” Zayn chuckles as Liam shuffles back over, looking slightly nervous with a slightly flushed face. He sits down beside you, as you adjust to face him. “What's up Li?” you smile, softly kissing Liam's trembling lips. “Well, I-I-I've been thinking a lot, and I wanted to give you this” he opens his slightly clammy palms to reveal a silver band, engraved on both the inner and outer parts. “For all the days apart, I promise the rest will be together” you read out and see the date you two met on the inner part of the ring. Your eyes tear up as you realize Liam gave you a promise ring. “Kiss me” you murmur tugging his shoulders forward, not giving him anything other choice but for your bodies to crash together. The kiss is one you'll never forget but soon cut off by the boys who start to cough and Harry chuckles out “Get a room”. You detach from Liam regretfully as you all laugh. “Picture time” the boys cheer while grabbing phones to capture the moment. You and Liam pose Niall clicks the photos and the other boys make faces at the two of you. You begin to burst into a fit of laughter, when the joy is replaced with pain. Sharp pains shoot through your stomach as you drop to your knees crying. “[Y/N] whats wrong?” Liam drops to your side, rubbing your back as you chatter through sobs. “It feels like I exploded” the boys whisper worries as they frantically dial for an ambulance. “Didn't the doctor say your appendix was causing you trouble?” Liam questions preparing a mini speech for the medics. “I was supposed to get it removed next week” you sob as pain spreads through your body. “1,2,3, lift” the medics call out in unison as they switch you over in the hospital. Liam's been by your side the whole time, and the doctors were preparing you for surgery. The tears were falling down your face, as Liam's voice trails off. “I'll be waiting here, you can do it babe....” he gives you a pep talk as you fall under. Although your asleep you feel as though Liam never left as you dream until you hear 5 accents that automatically make you smile. “Hi boys” you say groggily as your eyes adjust to your surroundings. “Hello beautiful” they say together and a sudden rush of warmth is restored to your body. Liam walks over and kisses you until you notice the tired eyes he's basically squinting through. “Cuddle?” you widen your eyes and bat your eyelashes hoping he can't resist the offer. “But I'll hurt you” he says knowing your still in a large amount of pain. “Just be gentle” you say as he lowers himself down on the left side of your body. He settles in and whispers so the boys can't hear “I'm glad your okay” he nestles his head into your neck. “Wheres the ring?” you ask weakly. He digs his hand into his pocket and places the ring on your shaky finger. “For as much as my loving heart can offer, I promise I'm yours forever” you whisper as the other boys can't hold back a smile. Watching the two of you together makes them realize that no matter what happens, you and Liam are meant to be together.
  • Louis: “So how is she Doc?” Lou questions, running his hands through his hair and stopping at the crown. “Not as good as we'd hoped” he says offering a smile as you pear out from around the corner. You saw Louis tugging on his hair with his face in his knees, back pressed against the awfully familiar waiting room walls. You shuffle over making a rhythm as your heels drag against the shiny blue floor. “Babe” you say approaching a distraught Lou. His head lifts and his blue eyes are like a running river, he's bit his bottom lip to the point where it has drawn blood. You feel your eyes sting and your throat tighten, seeing Louis like this was worse than being sick. “How..why?” he mumbles clearing his face of any tear residue. “It happens, I'm on a list for a transplant” you explain reaching for Lou's hand, something that'd keep you stable. He stands to meet your hand and looks at you deeply, almost as if he saw through your strong exterior and right to the broken core. It was bound to happen, it runs in the family- was all you thought. You gained many good things from your genetics, but health was a down fall. Inheriting a liver disease wasn't your ideal plan, but what's life without a few curve balls? The drive home was silent as you admire the sights from your window, smiling to yourself. “What if you die?” Lou speaks quickly almost regretting it immediately. “I don't want to think that way” you say keeping your eyes on the flashes of figures and lights as you drive by. “But I'm scared I'll lose you. God I'm so selfish” he says dropping his head, tears catching in his eyes and his throat constricts. “I know it's scary, but listen. I know this isn't ideal so if you want out I understand. I'm a lot to deal with and you already have a lot on your plate” you resit the words your grandmother said years earlier, stinging your tongue as they roll out your lips. He looks at you and breaks down, trying his best to ramble through the constant sobs and frustration escaping his body. “Fuck no, I'm not leaving. I just get scared that you'll be gone one day” he says latching onto you as you both sob together. “Lou, I'm going to be as strong as I can, but I need you to know that I wont be the exact same for a while alright” you explain, thinking of the changes that were going to occur. “I'm ready for anything as long as you are” he says holding you close as you both cry yourself to sleep. Two months pass and it's starting to show, like you had it written across your forehead for all to see. Your eyes and skin started to yellow slightly, but fatigue was the worst. You felt as though you were just a silhouette, or some ghost that just wasted away day after day. You roll around in the sheets as you try to sleep but it's just no use, you thought about the worst things to come and they clouded your thoughts. “There's our girl” you hear from the bedroom door, all 5 boys emerging towards you. “I miss you guys” you sigh as you all lay together like old times. You had your good day's when you'd go out and get a few things which was a nice break from bed rest. You were always so tired and your life had done a 360. You went from beating up the boys to laying here almost to tired to breath. Your phone begins to ring as Another World plays out and they all tease you. You take the phone and examine the number, Dr. Howard. “Shut up now” you say in a serious tone as the room falls silent. “Really?” you question over the phone as you feel a knot tie in your stomach. “Thank you so much” you say as the tears fall freely, hanging up the phone. “I got a liver” you repeat crying tears of joy as the boys hold you tightly and cherish the miracle. Here it is, the day that could make you all better, or be the end of you. “I love you” Lou says as you lay waiting to be rolled off. “Can I tell you a secret?” you ask Lou as you twiddle your thumb with his. He nods and you begin. “If I do die, just know I'd die the luckiest girl on earth. I didn't have an easy life, and I was mistreated by so many men that I thought I'd be alone forever. And then this blue eyed bliss came into my life unexpectedly. Boys like you don't grow on trees, so I'm amazed I found you. I remember after our first date after you kissed me, I stared up at the stars and thought to myself 'Wow, I'm going to marry him' and that was just after our first kiss. Louis Tomlinson, you give me butterflies every time I look at you. It's a blessing to have someone like you in my life. I love you with all my heart, and remember that forever”. He can't help but just cry and kisses you on the way down the hall. “I'll be waiting” Lou shouts down and that's all you can remember. You wake to the soft snore of Lou and the multiple machines monitoring you. You get released by the doctor a few days later, and go home to find the 4 other boys a waiting your arrival. “I fucking love you boys” you giggle as you can only imagine the long road to recovery.
  • Zayn: “[Y/N] I know it's uncomfortable but please hold still” the nurse asks over the intercom. The CAT scan was just one of the many perks to the multiple things you endured during hospital visits. A few months ago, you started to notice headaches wouldn't go away and it felt as though your head had bricks pressing down adding pressure. You'd been paranoid ever since a couple years ago you grandpa had been told he had a clean bill of health, only to pass away months later as a blood clot had gone undetected in his brain. Of course you figured you were just being a hypochondriac because of the situation, but you wanted to be sure you were okay. When you got the news you didn't know how to react. This was so strange for you, the hospital went from being a visiting room to a second home for you. After another long hospital trip you couldn't wait to curl up in bed and be motionless. The best part of the day was when Zayn cam home and distracted you from the chaos your life had become. You sat on the couch cross legged, browsing through channels as you awaited your lover boys arrival. You heard the creak of the rusted hinges as your head shot towards the door. Zayn waddles in with multiple bags hanging off his lanky arms and smiles at you immediately. “Hows it going [Y/N]?” he asks hoping for the best news possible. “Pretty well actually, it hasn't grown or anything since the last visit and” you feel your heart race and as though you have pebbles caught in your throat. “And...” he sits on the edge of the couch waiting for the results. “It's operable now” you can't help but feel pressure drop and tears simply fall staining your flushed cheeks. Zayn bites his lips holding back the tears, accompanying you on the couch, inching closer every millisecond. “We're lucky” he sighs holding you tightly into his chest, kissing your forehead. “I just, I'm so happy I wont have to leave you” you say feeling the tears sting your eyes, releasing all the thoughts and feelings you'd held captive in your troubled mind. He grabs your chin and tilts it to meet his gaze, brushing the tears off with his plump lips. He'd always done this when he see's you cry, he kisses the pain away. “Team Malik” he cheers, even though you weren't married, you two were basically attached at the hip so he was just preparing you for the future. As time passes you feel better about it all, knowing you'll be okay. Even though there is a chance you wont come out of it, you'd always been optimistic with these things and let the good over rule the bad. When surgery day comes, they have to shave off a small part of your hair. You clench your fists in rage knowing how hard you've worked on your hair your whole life. “Beautiful” Zayn kisses your hands as the grip seperates. “Alright [Y/N] it's time” the doctor says allowing you a minute with Zayn. “I'm scared now” you tell him feeling the tears escape again, not knowing why all the fear came rushing back. “Look at me” he said, holding your cheeks in his hands, making you focus on his chocolate brown eyes. “There's no need to be scared, because you'll be out in no time alright babe” he said kissing you one last time before you get rolled off. You see a blinding white light, and a man approaching you. “Hello kido” your grandpa waves as you confuse yourself. “I miss you” you hug him and kiss his cheek and it hits you. “Did I-” “It's not your time, go back now” he says patting your back and just before you go he calls out. “And Zayn's going to propose around your birthday. But I said nothing”. And with that you feel the darkness and dreams again, knowing your back on earth. You wake with a smile on your face to see Zayn peeking in the window hoping you'll wake up. He charges through and falls to your side. “Never scare me like that again” he chuckles through his hitched voice. “Promise” he says holding out his pinky as you lift yours and lock them together. “Promise” you repeat smiling as you two sit in silence for a few moments before remember what you had been told by your grandpa. “Team Malik?” you ask questioningly and hold his hand tightly. “Team Malik” he say's kissing you better.
  • Niall: “Ni, what do you want for dessert?” you ask pushing your sleeves up preparing for a family dinner. “You” he leaves a trail of love bites down your neck as you squirm in his arms. “Naughty Niall” you say tapping his nose while you secretly grab a handful of flour. “But your what I want” he says fumbling his hands around your body until he gets attacked by a cloud of flour. “I'm gonna get you” he chases you and as you run you start to feel slight pain. For the past few days you'd been feeling sick and pain was constant. You figured it was just cramps or something you ate and brushed it off. You and Niall throw multiple ingredients at each and get lost in the time. You two lay on the kitchen floor and hear the beep of the oven telling you the cake is ready. “Oh shit” you say looking at the clock. Your parents will be there in ten minutes or less and you are not ready for them to see you and Niall like this. “Get cleaned up, I'll clean” you tell Niall as you race around the kitchen. He rushes back out to give you the chance to get dressed for the occasion. Niall chuckles reminiscing on the revenge he got by smearing batter and whipped cream all over your body. You hear the knock on the door and you rush out finally cleaned up. “You look stunning” you mom tells you with a quick hug as you then go to greet your dad. “Hey son” your dad says to Niall going for a quick hug and your and your mother just smirk. Those two had gotten close over sports and pints, and it made everything so much easier. Through out the dinner the pain would return and you'd clutch the table and cringe causing concern to be a common emotion on everyone's mind. “Honey are you okay?” your dad asks retreating to your side as he's done for many years of sickness. “I'm fine” you manage to remove yourself from the table and get dessert plated. On the way back the pains unbearable, you drop the plates are crash to the floor. You clutch your stomach and scream out in pain. You can't help but wonder whats going on, nothing like this has happened before. “Your going to the hospital” your dad said sternly as he grabbed his keys. “But Daddy I'm” you whine out to be cut off by Niall. “But nothing, lets go” you rush to the hospital and Niall sits with you trying to calm you down the whole time. They rush you in and your screaming catches everyone's attention. They examine you and explain everyhting “Your gall bladder needs to be removed” they tell you as you look to your parents for guidance. They nod and you look to Niall worried that it wont go well. He gives you the thumbs up and you sigh out. “Lets do it” you say, knowing it has to be done. You feel yourself tense up yet again as you slur out curses. You don't have the strength to say anything else and prep goes quickly. Just before you go under you see Niall, who looks flushed. He tugs at his hair out of frustration and you know exactly what he's thinking. He always thinks he did something wrong to make you get hurt, he always takes the blame. “It's not your fault...” you trail off before everything goes black. You wake to the steady rhythm of machines that monitor your every move. “I feel like a robot” you barely speak as you rub your eyes. Soft chuckles come from Niall beside you who's stroking your hand in time with the beeps. “A beautiful robot at that” you both chuckle but you feel queezy instantly. “Get a bucket” you panic as you soon release your pain into the garbage. “I need more meds” you cry as Niall holds your hair and rubs your back. “Press the button” he sings trying to calm you. After the nurses get you set to go the next day your released and feel like complete crap. “I look like death” you say glimpsing into the side mirrors on Niall's car, and he just shakes his head and laughs because he thinks your always beautiful. “Now babe, I plan on taking care of you” he says later that night, sliding you into bed. “What about your photos and events with the boys?” you ask adjusting uncomfortably. “They pushed it back” he smiles settling down next to you. “For me?” you ask guiltily knowing your holding the boys back. “For all of us, we were worried sick about you the whole time. We need a few days off” he says, making up excuses to make you feel better. “I love you” you say quietly drifting off. In a dozy state you hear Niall singing to you as you sleep. “And do you not think so far ahead, cause I've been thinking bout forever” he says brushing your hair behind your ear and holding you gently. “I love you princess” he whispers before kissing you good night and both drifting into a painfully blissful sleep.
  • Harry: “Hold on” you tense up gripping your chest as your heart pounds like a drum in your chest. You feel yourself fighting for air and finally you breathe again. “You alright babe?” Harry asks throwing his keys on the table sitting beside you at the cluttered table. “Yeah this always happens when I'm stressed” you explain as if it was a normal thing, well normal for you at least. “How was your day?” you ask changing the subject away from your condition, but he brings it right back. “You should see a Doctor” he suggests and then goes on to answer your question. “It was decent, but I'm glad I got to come home to your beautiful face” he flirts cheesily and you can't help but do the same. You two were perfect for each other in the sense that you could do anything and still love each other at the end of the day. He begins to tell you a story but gets interrupted by your pain. You had papers scattered around the table, mugs of coffee every where and your glasses perched on the bridge of your nose. You had a major exam as well as a few events for work and with the boys as well. Your stress levels were off the the walls, and it was starting to wear down your body. “[Y/N], you should get it checked out” he says concerned inching closer to you trying to gain your focus. “I'm fine” you bicker and continue to multitask between boyfriend and papers. “It's time for dinner” you say as you begin to walk away from your mess of organization and you feel Harry pull you down to the couch. “I'll skip straight to what happens after dinner” he says and you giggle starting to pull at his buttons and you tease him ever so slightly. You begin to mess around with Harry when your phone goes off. “It's work, I have to take it” you say rolling your eyes, extremely pissed off. “Seriously? Fine, okay I'll do it you owe me” you say and throw your phone in anger. “I have to do Michelle's story for her this week because she's going on vacation. Add that to my death pile” you motion towards the desk and the panic in your chest picks up. This time, the struggles too much as you gasp, heaving your lungs that are fighting the pressure in your heart. “[Y/N] [Y/N] babe this isn't fine” Harry screams, panicking while trying to calm you and dial for an ambulance. His fingers tap impatiently on your back as he directs the operator to your house. “Baby she said take deep breaths” he says full of concern as he watches your battle against your body. Figures- you think to yourself. Stress had take a tole on your body forever, but this was new. It felt like your heart had swelled and over taken your body and someone was trying to sit on your chest. “Look at me” Harry speaks as you move quickly in the ambulance and he sits in the back watching the medics try to calm you. He has finally calmed himself and is attempting to do the same for you. You glance with eyes full of panic, you wonder if this is the end. Just by your expression he traces your thoughts and stops them. “Your a fighter, your brave. This isn't the end, we have plenty more to do” he explains as you arrive and are being whisked away from him all too quickly. They rush you around like a chicken with it's head cut off and hear Hazzas converses squeaking on the floor only to be cut off by nurses from every angle. “Let me go with her” he asks aggressively trying to make his way through. “I'm sorry fellow you can't” they explain and he bows down. He takes a seat in the waiting room with many other troubled faces all awaiting news on one anothers condition. Before you know it your put under by mumbles of strangers who are confused just as much as you are about your condition. You can only imagine Harry at this moment. Long fingers intertwined with his curly locks, feet bouncing and tapping on the floor impatiently, his face slightly growing more tired by the second and his eyes with a sadness no one but you understands. Harry's the type of person who takes on others pain, when your hurt, he hurts too, he takes it just as hard. “Mr. Styles, she needs open heart surgery” Harry's face drains as tears puddle the floor around his feet. “Save her and fix her. I wish I could” he mumbles into his hands as the long wait begins. Each minute echos in his head as he waits hoping that you'll come out soon. He thinks of the future you two had planed together on drunken nights with you, the nights you'd stare up at the night sky and get lost in something so beautiful that people take for granted, just everything. “Styles” a lady says cheerily, but Harry can't help but picture the worst. “Is she...” he trails off sobbing. “She's going to be fine” she pats his shoulder but he pulls her close and cries on her shoulder making a dark spot on her pink scrubs. “Thank you” he cries and trails to your room. You lay resting, almost statue like. His figure approaches the chair beside your bed and he begins to ramble on. You wake to see Hazza passed out beside you, and you try to laugh but it comes out as choppy noises. He stirs out of sleep and he shifts to see you, and sobs. “You saved me” you tell him, knowing he made the choice for you. “You saved me” he tells you back, knowing he would have been broken if you'd passed. All in all, the next few days were emotional, but Harry had made you fall ten times harder for him, what can't that boy do?
  • A/N: Hope you enjoy, sorry it took so long! Feedbacks welcome :)
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Han wanted me to tell you shes really sorry for not posting a preference before she left. She was really busy and not feeling to well. She feels really bad about not posting one.

Also if you guys want me to picture/outfit reguest plese tell me and i’ll do them for you :)


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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t put up a preference in a few days, I’ve been feeling a bit sick. I plan on posting one tonight though, so I hope you enjoy it. Just letting you all know that I’ll be gone from the 21st-26th, but I’ll leave Nako some of my preferences so that you can all read about the lovely lads still. Hope everyones doing well, and if you ever need to talk, I’m all ears :)

-Higgins xx

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Anonymous asked: love ur blog but the font is SO HARD TO READ, please change your theme D:

is it the colour that’s hard to read? just want to make everyone happy to my best abilities :)

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Anonymous asked: Looooove your blog! Can you do a he can't stop sneezing preference?

Sure thing love :) I love when Hazza get’s his little sneezing fits! Love this idea

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